Tearing it Down



Experimental video poetry from anthology “An Artist Abroad” | Portugal 2015 | 3 min 10 sec

Last poem in the cycle of video poetry “An Artist Abroad” shows the symbolic transition of artist Valerie Wolf Gang from believing in civilization to escaping back to nature. In the final weeks of her stay in artistic residency in Portugal she made an overview and reflection of what she learned during her one year experience away from her normal routines and environment. The main thing she points out and also shows in the poem is her wish to change the feelings of people towards the system and its limits which cut our freedom and make us modern slaves. In the poem she symbolically tears it down and frees herself from the concrete cage of civilization. Her escape back to nature is a suggestion for everyone to do in order to be free once again. The solution is not just in the physical transition but also in the mind: in order to do so we shouldn’t take the system seriously and we should realize it’s artificial. Smile and you will see that this new life is amazing.