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“The opening” / Zagreb, Croatia – Day 2 & finish

Yesterday I successfully opened my new solo exhibition “La vue à travers la fenêtre” (read more about it here: CLICK), this time in Zagreb, Croatia. I’m feeling accomplished because everything went well and I always enjoy seeing how my work is breathing and living in a […]

“The setup” / Graz, Austria – Day 7 & 8

  I didn’t have much time and energy yesterday to write a blog entry, so I will merge it with today’s post. We are now fully in the setup process, because tomorrow we will have to publicly present our prototypes so we have to finish […]

“The Processing” / Graz, Austria – Day 3

Friday started early in Graz with the 6 hours of programming in the program Processing 2 so we can prepare material for our sensors. Code everywhere. Everywhere. Program Processing 2. After the processing we continued our work at the hall of Technical Institute where we […]