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“MAP in MOTION” / Rijeka, Croatia – Day 2

Another day on the ship Galeb.  We had breakfast on the deck and later on continued with the project pitching and presenting our ideas and plans for realisation. At noon some of us had to run to the Gallery Kortil to set the exhibition MAP […]

“The opening” / Venice, Italy – Day 7

Yesterday was the official opening of the exhibition “Cimri, ne čimri” (Flatmates) in the Slovenian Exhibition Center in Venice (exhibiting artist: Tomaž Burlin, Pila Rusjan, Noemi Veberič Levovnik and Valerie Wolf Gang). Below you can see some photos taken just before the opening and also after the doors opened for […]

“Full time job” / Venice, Italy – Day 5

Yesterday was another intense day. We woke up and worked until the evening when Lilijana from Obalne Galerije (Slovenian Coastal Galleries) came to visit and took us to a great evening dinner. We finally had a proper meal since we didn’t have much time to […]

“Venetian flow” / Venice, Italy – Day 4

Exhibition set up continues as we work hard in the gallery. Yesterday we worked quite late and then we had a relaxing night walk around Venice – as you can see on the photos below. Lovely details all around. Relaxing and chitchatting on the streets. Night […]

“The arrival and action” / Venice, Italy – Day 1 & 2 & 3

This is our third day in Venice and we are in full action with setting up the exhibition “Cimri, ne čimri” (Flatmates) in the Slovenian Exhibition Center. Exhibiting artists are: Tomaž Burlin, Pila Rusjan, Noemi Veberič Levovnik and Valerie Wolf Gang. Gallery will be treated as fictional apartment for artist (flatmates) […]

“After the D day” / Luxembourg – Day 9 & 10

Today was a rather relaxing day. Yesterday was the opening of the video installation exhibition and “the D day” of our stay in Luxembourg. Everything went well and I’m really happy to meet everyone. A big thank goes to Steve Hoegner, who helped us with […]

“Hello Monopol” / Luxembourg – Day 3

Our day started behind the computer again. We had to do some organizational things first and find the coordinates for our shooting locations. Creative computer work. Afterwards we went out to meet with Steve from Feierblumm productions and he introduced us to Will Kreutz who […]

“The opening” / Zagreb, Croatia – Day 2 & finish

Yesterday I successfully opened my new solo exhibition “La vue à travers la fenêtre” (read more about it here: CLICK), this time in Zagreb, Croatia. I’m feeling accomplished because everything went well and I always enjoy seeing how my work is breathing and living in a […]