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“MAP in MOTION” / Rijeka, Croatia – Day 2

Another day on the ship Galeb.  We had breakfast on the deck and later on continued with the project pitching and presenting our ideas and plans for realisation. At noon some of us had to run to the Gallery Kortil to set the exhibition MAP […]

“Tito was here” / Rijeka, Croatia – Day 1

New view from the apartment in Rijeka. I’ve “moved” to Rijeka, Croatia for a couple of days to do a new international project/mobility/residency – this time on a special “floating object”: ship Galeb, the famous boat of the Yugoslavian president Josip Broz – Tito. It […]

“The reflection” / Luxembourg – Day 14 & 15

This is our last post from Luxembourg. Actually now we are already in Slovenia for a couple of days but we didn’t have time to finish “our blog odyssey”. Last days in Luxembourg weren’t so great, since we got a flu. We actually remember where […]

“After the D day” / Luxembourg – Day 9 & 10

Today was a rather relaxing day. Yesterday was the opening of the video installation exhibition and “the D day” of our stay in Luxembourg. Everything went well and I’m really happy to meet everyone. A big thank goes to Steve Hoegner, who helped us with […]

“The opening” / Zagreb, Croatia – Day 2 & finish

Yesterday I successfully opened my new solo exhibition “La vue à travers la fenêtre” (read more about it here: CLICK), this time in Zagreb, Croatia. I’m feeling accomplished because everything went well and I always enjoy seeing how my work is breathing and living in a […]

“The setup” / Graz, Austria – Day 7 & 8

  I didn’t have much time and energy yesterday to write a blog entry, so I will merge it with today’s post. We are now fully in the setup process, because tomorrow we will have to publicly present our prototypes so we have to finish […]

“The Processing” / Graz, Austria – Day 3

Friday started early in Graz with the 6 hours of programming in the program Processing 2 so we can prepare material for our sensors. Code everywhere. Everywhere. Program Processing 2. After the processing we continued our work at the hall of Technical Institute where we […]