Plastic Rhythm


Experimental video poetry from anthology “An Artist Abroad” | Portugal 2015 | 2 min 15 sec

Over the past few months Valerie was exploring Portuguese coastline and was inspired by the beautiful views and natural wonders. But when she looked closer she saw plastic garbage covering every beach and found trash in every forest. The whole world is covered in garbage, Portugal is no exception. Ocean brings plastic on the shore and unveils the horrible truth: we are drown in our own garbage. During her stay in Portugal she moved to two different houses in two different towns and in each of them people didn’t recycle and always brought home a lot of plastic bags and bottles, which accumulated all around the town. Dogs on chains and stray cats were also a big contrast between a happy people enjoying their plastic happiness and ignorance towards nature and animals which are also part of our ecosystem. It’s the rhythm of consumption that makes us lose control and forget about each other.