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Residency LdV Mobility and guests at FEIERBLUMM productions, Luxembourg, december 2013.

“The reflection” / Luxembourg – Day 14 & 15

This is our last post from Luxembourg. Actually now we are already in Slovenia for a couple of days but we didn’t have time to finish “our blog odyssey”. Last days in Luxembourg weren’t so great, since we got a flu. We actually remember where […]

“Germany” / Luxembourg – Day 13

The goal for today was Germany. But firstly we went to Mersch to Lycée Ermesinde where we returned the beamer. Urša tasting some local water. Last goodbye! We were then headed to Germany. On the border between Luxembourg and Germany. Everyone filling their car tanks […]

“After the D day” / Luxembourg – Day 9 & 10

Today was a rather relaxing day. Yesterday was the opening of the video installation exhibition and “the D day” of our stay in Luxembourg. Everything went well and I’m really happy to meet everyone. A big thank goes to Steve Hoegner, who helped us with […]

“The Countryside” / Luxembourg – Day 5

Today’s plan was to film the countryside of Luxembourg. Southern and Northern part of the country. We draw all the way to France and later upwards to Germany. The photos will tell you the rest!   Before we started, we cleaned our windows so the […]

“The Fog” / Luxembourg – Day 4

Sun didn’t show up today. Well, it did, but there was so much fog that it couldn’t come down to Earth. Luxembourg was covered with a thick fog so our filming was a little bit difficult, but we still managed to do it. Our first […]

“Hello Monopol” / Luxembourg – Day 3

Our day started behind the computer again. We had to do some organizational things first and find the coordinates for our shooting locations. Creative computer work. Afterwards we went out to meet with Steve from Feierblumm productions and he introduced us to Will Kreutz who […]