Bread of Life



Experimental video poetry from anthology “An Artist Abroad” | Portugal 2015 | 4 min 30 sec

“Bread of Life” is a poetical video based on a very simple routine: traditional bread making. The concept behind the poem is very simple and it is symbolically showing us the way of life through the process of baking. The recipe is not hard and it is good to follow it: don’t be scared, don’t be afraid, be proud of what you are doing and you will see a great results. The poem is talking about sharing the love and comparing it with sharing the freshly baked bread. During her stay in Portugal Valerie was observing the local elderly people and found out their secret to happiness “com calma”, which literally translates to “calmly” or “go slow”. If everything else fails or if the pressure is high, take it easy and relax, because everything will be ok. The recipe is simple, take it slow and be proud.