Artist Abroad is an ongoing project of multimedia artist Valerie Wolf Gang, which documents the different artist residences and personal experiences as an traveling artist. The project is in the first stage and it will develop through time from just a simple documentation to more specific and elaborated project with a big impact of personal poetic.


About Valerie Wolf Gang

The work of multimedia artist Valérie Wolf Gang focuses on video and contemporary artistic  practices. She graduated from the Ljubljana High School of Design and Photography, then obtained a bachelor’s degree from the School of Arts at the University of Nova Gorica in Digital art and Practice with focus on video film and continued her studies on MA Media Art and Practice master program in video and contemporary art. She improved her theoretical and practical knowledge at the FAMU film academy in Prague, Czech Republic and art academy ESAD in Caldas da Rainha, Portugal. She regularly works with different media and creates multimedia installations to be presented in various galleries. Her videos have been featured at various festivals and cinema theaters. She works as a freelance video artist, a status granted by the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Slovenia. She is actively involved in different forms of artistic production, video and film projects, exhibition selections and artistic residencies.


More on official webpage: www.valeriewolfgang.com

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