“Final exhibition“ / Serra do Bouro, Portugal (Day 224+)

Portugal, Serra do Bouro

Almost a year has passed since I moved to Portugal to do what seemed “a short artist residency”, but it stretched for a year. The longer period was necessary to complete my work and research about the influence of the change in environment to artistic production. I will write more about it later, because it’s still in the process, but I’m slowly getting to an end. One part of the project is also the final exhibition, which is happening tomorrow (I know, how did a year pass so fast?!) in Centro de Artes (Art Center) in Caldas da Rainha, Portugal. More information about the opening are here: CLICK


The setting up went great and I am excited to show my poetical videos to the public for the first time. Special thing about the exhibition is the integration of the videos with QR codes so the visitors could scan the code and watch it on their mobiles or “take the poem home”, so the video installation travels too and becomes “an artist abroad”.


Individual video poems are on the wall and you can scan QR code to watch it or “take it home” with you.

IMG_9812razstava3  razstava-1

Glimpse of the exhibition set up and the gallery from outside (will post more photos after the opening).

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Some video stillst from the poem for “teaser”.

Otherwise things have been great and days became so busy that I can’t write everything. But you can follow me every day on Instagram and have an insight in my daily life:


This experience deeply influenced my life and my art work so I can’t wait to share the conclusions and the analysis with you. I will publish it in the end of August, when my one year cycle finish and I leave Portugal (for now). I can give you some hints that I am planing a short visit to Slovenia in May to be a mentor of video workshop (more info about it here: CLICK) and then I come back to Portugal to finish the project and research An Artist Abroad and then it’s Africa on the menu again.

Will write more about it later. Looking forward for exhibition opening tomorrow!

Have a lovely Monday,

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