“Finding inner peace“ / Serra do Bouro, Portugal (Day 188+)

Portugal, Serra do Bouro

Hello again, haven’t written for a while, my last blog entry was a month ago when I moved into a new house (read here). So many things have happened since I moved, but I’ve been working on a lot of things lately so I didn’t take any time to upload some new photos and write about my new adventures. One of the factors is also my lack of internet connection – my mobile router broke down and it’s been in the repair shop for almost a month, so I need to hack my mobile to use it as a tethering point. Otherwise things have been great, I’m still in Portugal and enjoying every second!


I will not write everything I did in the last month because it would be too long and wouldn’t make sense, but I want to say that February is an interesting month to be in Portugal: chocolate festival in Lisbon, big carneval in Torres Verdas, lots of concerts and other random events and the weather is getting hotter. So you have a great summer-ish weather and no tourist! That’s the best thing: sun and empty beaches, great time to explore it and enjoy some relaxed times without the hassle.

I don’t want to write too much, but let the photos tell you some glimpses of my story of the past month!

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Beach in Foz do Arelho.


Torres Verdas carnival. 


Lisboa chocolate festival.

One thing I would specifically mention is the Buddha Eden (the largest oriental garden in Europe), which we visited yesterday and it was magic! The most beautiful park I ever visited! It’s bigger then we expect and we spend some hours inside getting lost in the forest and finding random beautiful statues and lakes. I will definitely visit it again!

The oriental garden with around 35 hectares of land was created as a reaction to the destruction of the Buddhas of Banyan, in which one of the greatest acts of cultural barbarity took place, erasing masterpieces of late-period Gandhara art.

From Buddhas, pagodas, terracotta statues and the various carefully-placed sculptures which can be found throughout the gardens, it is estimated that some six thousand tons of marble and granite were used to create this monumental work of art.

The central staircase is the focal point of the garden, where the golden Buddhas offer you a calm welcome.

At the central lake, KOI (Japanese carp) fish can be seen, and sculpted dragons rise out of the water.

There is also the opportunity to see the seven hundred hand-painted terracotta soldiers, each of them unique copies of those which were buried some 2,200 years ago.

You will be truly enchanted with the peace and tranquillity of this unique and special place.

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I would also recommend you to find Almagreira beach (near Peniche), which is famous for the red sand and beautiful natural stone sculptures and amazing views where you can hike and enjoy the beautiful warm weather.



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And the most important thing I like about my stay in Portugal is to chill after a long day with a good company, enjoy good coffee, some cold drinks and see the sun sink in the majestic ocean.

Ever since I arrived in this place, I feel very calm, happy about my life, very focused on what I want and charging my batteries with the sun and ocean views. Nothing seems impossible and I already know that this experience influenced my life very positively. Yesterday’s visit to Buddha Eden was a perfect ending of my last month’s adventure and it gave me lot’s of strengths to continue and enjoy life without worries. It’s similar to classic Portuguese philosophy: don’t rush anything, go slow, everything will be alright in the end. Smile and enjoy the ride. 


Hello from Portugal! (by Valerie, Urša, Jaka, Irena)

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