“Moving to a new house“ / Serra do Bouro, Portugal (Day 154+)

Portugal, Serra do Bouro

This week it’s been dedicated to my packing and moving. I’ve moved to another city, not far away, but it’s still a new place and a new house which I need to get used to and transform into my new home. It’s strange how I got attached to my Portuguese house, even though I’ve been living here just for 5 months, so it’s been hard to leave it. While I was packing I was very emotional and I know I will forever remember it and miss it. It became my home.



Packing like crazy.



Last goodbye of my bedroom/office.



Last goodbye of my kitchen.



Last goodbye of the living room.



Goodbye my lovely traditional Portuguese house, I will forever miss you!



The neighbor’s dog Tony came also to say goodbye and we will keep in touch as pen friends.



And the final selfie with the house. #neverforget



My “old” house was on the hill and when I was driving down the street I realized that I was leaving it and that it’s the final goodbye. Very emotional moment, but happy at the same time, because I made so many great memories in this place and I felt like home. Something like that always happens to me: no matter where I travel, I always get attached to people and places, so my heart is spread around the world and in my memory there are some unforgettable people, places and moments, which make me complete.


Then I arrived to my new house, which is still strange to me, because I’m not used to it and it has different smell, sound, feeling and atmosphere, but after a day spent in it I already feel the transformation and I know it will become my new home which I will cherish and enjoy.


The moving day was crazy, I’ve had a lot of things to move and it was interesting because two of my friends were also moving to a new apartment at the same time so we helped each other and the day ended very late with lots and lots of boxes to move. But we managed to do everything and we both successfully moved!

Today was my first real day in the new house. I still have a lot of things to re-pack, but I’m enjoying it and I feel very calm and happy. I’m excited to meet new people, explore new surroundings and cook some great dinners in the new house. It’s going to be amazing!

Here are some photos from around the house and inside:


Lovely fireplace, I smell BBQ!!


Back of the house, lot’s of green spaces and plants.


Front porch and view over the yard.


Lovely rosemary all around.



In the back there are orange trees so I can pick them for fresh morning juice.


Front entry. Now let’s go inside!


Lovely kitchen.




Bathroom with a bath, yes I love it!


My new bedroom.


I love fresh morning air and the curtains dancing in the soft wind.


Living room.


Another bedroom which I’m transforming into the laundry room 🙂



This room still needs to be organized, I’ll make a storage and a small studio.


Freshly picked oranges waiting to be squeezed.


View from the kitchen window.


View from the living room window.


General view over the house and big yard surrounding the house.

I still have a lot of things to re-pack and organize, but I have a good feeling that the house will soon become my cozy new home. I think I’ve made a great decision about coming to Portugal with a car so I can explore more and also live among local people in the traditional house, so I can get a real feeling of the culture and life in Portugal. Because of this I’ve experienced a lot of local customs, meet many interesting people and got inspired by local artists and experiences, which will definitely influence my future art works and projects.

Here are some moments from a traditional bread making, which I enjoyed right before I started packing. It was a lovely afternoon and we made a great bread!

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Portugal is a land of friendly people, tasty food, delicious wine, many sweets, amazing views, beautiful nature and cute historical cities. I’m looking forward to explore it even more!



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