“Two dogs, one adventure“ / Serra do Bouro, Portugal (Day 6 – 13)

Portugal, Serra do Bouro

Yesterday I reunited Lilly and Deuce back with her owner Jasmina, after they stayed with me and Urša for couple of days. She came to Portugal yesterday with a plane, but the dogs arrived one week earlier with Jasmina’s friends by car. So they stayed with us and we explored the Portugal together. They were very nice and gentle, I miss them already!

This is a short video which I filmed with my mobile phone right after they first saw Jasmina and were so happy and excited!

I will share with you some moments, but you can find more photos on the official 2dogs1adventure webpage, where you can follow their journey: http://2dogs1adventure.weebly.com/

Our first visit was Peniche, where we explored the local surf scene and endless beaches, which I already got familiar with and realized they are amazing.


After the beach visit we went around and found some great spots with great views!

When we arrived home we did a private spa for dogs, so they were perfectly clean and fresh for the evening nap.


The next day we visited park in Caldas de Rainha, where we also found a flea market and had a great coffee in a local restaurant. The price for coffee with milk is 0,70€ which was a great info for us.



We loved the park, but we wanted to explore more places, so the day after we went to  S. Martinho do Porto, where we had a lovely walk and lot’s of freedom and peace to think about all the nice things. The weather became cloudy and not so sunny anymore, but that didn’t bother us at all! The surroundings made everything perfect.

And we found lot’s of beautiful cliffs and views along our way.


And here are some night snapshots from my street and village, where we enjoyed lot’s of evening walks and beautiful night views. The feeling at night is very special, you have a feeling you see all Portugal from above, because the village is on the hill.

IMG_6704 IMG_6707 IMG_6719 IMG_6726 IMG_6728

And so yesterday I reunited the dogs with Jasmina and took Urša to the airport. She flew back to Slovenia. Now my house on the hill is empty and I am ready to start new adventures, create new work and enjoy Portugal for 6 months.


And I’ll go back to my tea and croissant.



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