“Exploring a new home“ / Serra do Bouro, Portugal – Day 2

Portugal, Serra do Bouro

Yesterday we finally arrived to Portugal after a long drive and I moved into my new home for 6 months. We arrived late so it was dark and we were to tired to look around. But we had a good night sleep and today we started to explore the new home. Still tired from the long drive we’ve decided to stay at home and organize things, rest and relax. I think that was a good decision and now I feel much better then the last couple of days.

Before my arrival I was organizing and finishing things back in Slovenia, but everything seems to go wrong: my car broke down and I was told that it couldn’t be repaired on time, my bank card stopped working, I had problems with the post office, insurance etc. Everything was really going wrong in the last days before my start and I wasn’t sure if I was able to go. But I stayed strong until the last minute and switched my car with my mum’s so I was able to leave on time. Now everything seems fine and all the drama was left behind like a new page in life.


Beautiful morning sun entering the bedroom.

IMG_6640 View through the bedroom window.


Bedroom – still in a mess, but we are organizing things and it will soon be perfect.

IMG_6646 IMG_6647

Lovely backyard for bbq.


Living room and kitchen.


And my Tea altar 🙂


Our street and the house on the right.


View on the left.


View on the right.


View in the distance. 


Entrance to “minha nova casa” (my new house).


Neighbor’s guard dog guarding the street.


View in the kitchen and Urša washing the dishes. 


View from inside the kitchen.


IMG_6680 IMG_6687

It’s 26°C inside with a lovely fresh sea breeze.

IMG_6695 IMG_6697

There was a lot of useful information about Portugal waiting for us on the living room table, so I’m looking forward to explore everything.


Now we are making dinner and keep on relaxing, later on we’ll go around town and tomorrow we’ll visit Caldas da Rainha.

Hello from sunny Portugal,

Valerija & Urša

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