„Back to reality“ / Ceglie Messapica, Italy – Day 12, 13, 14, 15, 16

Ceglie Messapica, Italy

Days at Casaterra flew by like a drunk Friday night – everything happened so fast. The “cleaning process” without the internet, mobile signal and modern technology was good for me. I didn’t even took my camera out of the bag, I just used my mobile phone to snap some pictures for this blog, so it stays in my digital album of memories. I spent some time working on my project, but the majority of time I spent thinking and relaxing, getting new energy and inspiration. Casaterra is a perfect place and once again I started to love Italian culture and cuisine. Here is the last part of the moments before we took off, back to our “ordinary” life.


Boštjan recently had a birthday so we had some cake and small celebration:


20140718_210247 20140718_210259 20140718_210342 20140718_210356




“Our” beach.


20140721_133355 20140721_134332

Local puppies continued to visit us on daily basis.


Blue sky and cold drinks. Everything you need.


View over our “working station” from the rooftop.


Casaterra football tournament. 

20140730_192309 20140730_192358 20140730_192447 20140730_192507

Entrance to our Trullo.


Entrance to the main part of Casaterra.


We went to visit the neighbors and buy some homemade bread from them:


Their goats.


And a lot of puppies.

20140804_124253 20140804_124314

They made a big fire in the oven so they could bake the bread.

20140804_124606 20140804_125223 20140804_130036 20140804_130110

Puppies everywhere, literally.


They also prepared different focaccias (which they also baked in the oven) for us to try and we had delicious lunch with them.

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Homemade bread resting after it was put out of the oven.



On neighbors patio.


The days were flying by and we had a small farewell party.

20140730_201347 20140730_210616 20140730_215752 20140730_220548 20140730_220639 20140730_220853 20140730_225249


Casaterra in the night – only the video projection screen and a round window.


The last day before we left, the weather was rather strange. The sky was dark and the light was incredible yellow and pinkish – it was crazy! The rainbow was also there, of course. We were packing and saying goodbyes, but we couldn’t help ourselves to look in the sky and get amazed by the color and textures. It was changing every 5 minutes and we were constantly coming in and out of Trullis and watching the sky. I remembered to took some photos with my mobile phone, but it doesn’t do it too much justice.

20140731_195343 20140731_195423 20140731_195637 20140731_195906 20140731_195917 20140731_200003 20140731_200119 20140731_200343 20140731_200624 20140731_200820

The fairy tale was coming to an end and Casaterra was saying goodbye. Everything was very sentimental. Even the dogs came and jumped on us with their front feet around our necks. The last night was in front of us and we had a sweet dreams full of goodbyes.



Urša’s last climb from the roof.

The next morning we woke up early and left the Casaterra. We left in a hurry because of the heavy rain. Last look back through the car windows was rather sad – the Trullis were wet and the raindrops were pounding on our windows. The dogs were left behind and they were standing there in the rain looking at us leaving. I wish I could took them with me but I know they are happy with our neighbors. For some moments we were sentimental, but we had 1500 km in front of us so we soon started to sing and cheer up.

We arrived home at 5 am the next day and I was totally dead. I was happy to see my old boy Aaron and sleep at my own place. Another adventure ended and we are full of new memories.

My next destination is Portugal, so be patient and I promise I will share some moments with you.



Aaron jumped in the suitcase and gave me a sign to take him with me next time.










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