“Lá grande finale” / Rijeka, Croatia – Day 5, 6, 7

Rijeka, Croatia



I just parked my car and put my clothes in the washing machine. An hour ago I came back to Slovenia and I’ve decided to put my final thoughts on this page just to make the conclusion of the whole working week – so I can relax in the hot tub and reset my mind for new challenges. The last three days were so intense I couldn’t write anything on the page, but I did some photos and I will share them with you, of course. I lost a track of time, so the photos are possibly mixed and not in chronological order, but who cares actually, time doesn’t matter – just moments.

After I finished my poem for the “video poetry piece” I’ve been working on, I found myself lying on the deck floor of the ship Galeb and just looking at the ceiling. And I realized my mind is empty. That was a good detector that I put everything in my work, because that’s the true feeling of fulfillment: no worries, no stress, just an empty mind. Totally zen. There was 33 degrees Celsius (91.4 degrees Fahrenheit) in the air, but I didn’t mind. I didn’t feel anything.



The floor and the ceiling of the Galeb.

Then the postproduction of my video started and I had the pleasure to work with Ulay, who read my poem for the video and his voice fit perfectly in the concept. Actually this was also a very inspiring moment for me, because Ulay is an artist who made a great impact on the art world and we were always learning about him in the school. It’s great to mix different generation of artists, because I think we all can learn from each other and grow. Art is timeless.


Ulay posing with “Titovka“.

After we finished with the readings and recorded everything I started to edit video with sound and running back and forward to Galeb, to do some final touches before the (private) opening on Friday.


Great pizza.


Tito on a shirt.


“Artist residency”. Messy minds, messy room.


What else would you eat while you are on the seaside?


Random streets of Rijeka.

So on Thursday I finished my video and prepared it for the yesterday’s exhibition which happend on Galeb. I set up my work in Jovanka’s room (Tito’s wife), right on the place where she closed her tired eyes every night she went to sleep. The video poetry is about the distant memory of a unknown man who suddenly saw something in the water and got a flash back of the past. At first you got the feeling that someone wrote a letter to Jovanka, but then you realize that it’s actually a poem for Galeb and the past which is now almost forgotten. I wanted to create an intimate feeling, so visitors could sit or lay down in her bed and listen to the soothing voice of the poetry and feel the rhythm of the video. Galeb’s lullaby.

IMG_5559 IMG_5565 IMG_5584 IMG_5590 IMG_5619

Jovanka’s room and my installation.

The opening started and unfortunately just the VIP guests could come because the ship is now in the border zone so there was a limitation about the number of the people on board.

IMG_5626 IMG_5627 IMG_5629 IMG_5675 IMG_5680 IMG_5684 IMG_5688 IMG_5690 IMG_5700 IMG_5704 IMG_5708 IMG_5718 IMG_5722 IMG_5724 IMG_5725

Ulay also did a performance:

IMG_5735 IMG_5739 IMG_5749

And Tito was watching us:


The evening on the ship slowly ended and we continued our night in the city of Rijeka. It was an amazing experience and I had a lot of inspiration. I wanted to share with you also the video which I did but then I remembered it will be displayed in the Gallery Alkatraz in Ljubljana (Slovenia) on 14th of July so I will wait until then so you can see it in the proper space. So that’s your motivation to come to Gallery Alkatraz on 14th of July and see what we did with Ulay.

Now I’m getting really tired and I already have the bubbles in my head and I can hear the hot tub calling my name. Au revoir and stay tuned for more. My next destination is southern part of Italy!




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