“In the heart of Galeb” / Rijeka, Croatia – Day 4

Rijeka, Croatia

The sun is shinning and the weather is hot. What a perfect concept of summer! But not if you’re trying to work. I spent whole day on the Tito’s ship Galeb where I was filming all the details for my new video. I spent a lot of time in the machinery and I think I was getting kind of high from all the gas fumes. I can feel the consequences now because my head hurts like hell. Well, anyway, while I was filming, I had the company of the ship crew with me and I was shown how this 120 meter ship can be operated and how to actually drive it. All I can say: endless buttons, endless cables, endless man and gas (money) to move it! It was actually very nice to learn about it (and also see the crew presentation), because I already have a license to operate boats (up to 25 meters), so this was a perfect finish of my “sailing career”. Anyway, I can’t actually drive it, but I am pleased with the memories.

Some photos from inside of the ship:

IMG_5324 IMG_5331 IMG_5332 IMG_5333 IMG_5335 IMG_5340 IMG_5343 IMG_5345 IMG_5348 IMG_5350 IMG_5353 IMG_5356 IMG_5358 IMG_5364 IMG_5365 IMG_5368 IMG_5369 IMG_5370 IMG_5371 IMG_5373 IMG_5377 IMG_5379 IMG_5380 IMG_5474 IMG_5478 IMG_5487 IMG_5488 IMG_5494 IMG_5497 IMG_5499

Galeb from outside:

IMG_5444 IMG_5455

Abandoned harbor:


The other part of the day I spent in Jovanka’s private suit on the ship, because I’ve decided to put my work (video) at this part of the ship for the final exhibition (on Friday). There will be a small video installation made from my video which I’m creating over the last couple of days.


There was of course time for a “selfie” in Tito’s suite 🙂 Tito probably never imagined this in the future…


Tito’s private bathroom.


Conference room.

We also have our own private Tito and Jovanka:

IMG_5538 IMG_5541

My brainstorming place in Jovanka’s suite:

IMG_5546 IMG_5551

Selfie in Jovanka’s bed 🙂

After the whole day spent on the ship I returned back to the apartment to continue some preparation for tomorrow but I’m actually too tired and I will just crush the bed and have (hopefully) a good night dream and work harder in the morning. “Can’t wait!”



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