“The reflection” / Luxembourg – Day 14 & 15


This is our last post from Luxembourg. Actually now we are already in Slovenia for a couple of days but we didn’t have time to finish “our blog odyssey”. Last days in Luxembourg weren’t so great, since we got a flu. We actually remember where we got it. In Belgium, where we set up another video installation “Artist Sleeping on The Street” (read more about it here), we went back to Luxembourg quite late and we were walking on the streets when suddenly it started to rain. We ran back towards our cars but got completely wet and then we spent the evening at Ikea, so probably our immune system got a little bit weaker. Next day we spent in Germany – outside most of the time – and the day after we went somewhere with a bus and there was an old man coughing without putting his hands or tissue in front of him and Urša actually said that he’s probably spreading the flu. She was right – the day after our bus ride, we got a temperature and all the rest, so we stayed in and tried to get better with lots of tea and other home made medicine.

It didn’t help to much, so we rested for two days and then we had to pack everything and went back to Slovenia, since our stay in Luxembourg come to an end. So we drove all the way back with a fever and sore throats. We were weak, but we managed it!


Here is one blurry photo from the 11 hour drive back to Slovenia. The blurriness represents our actual health stage.

In Slovenia we didn’t have much time to rest, since the Christmas holidays are happening all around. We spent time with our family and friends and also got better. We are completely healthy now and getting ready for a New Year with lot’s of new plans for new projects etc.

If I look back, I can say that our stay in Luxembourg was great. We managed to do everything we planned and enjoyed every minute we had. People in Luxembourg are nice, we were also very happy with the Feierblumm organisation and all the rest who helped make our plan come true. I was happy to do another video installation and continue my journey in this artistic way. Video installation art is not so common in mainstream, so people are not so much aware of it. But my goal is to open it to public, create more open space video installations and make people familiar with this form of art. I enjoy combining video with other forms of art and use the space (gallery, the street, or other spaces) in which my video can become something else and add a value to the story itself. Experimentation is a big part of my creativity and I love to test the projections with different surfaces and also different ways of showing the video. I take art as a science, but with lot’s of play and creative curiosity.

I would also like to say big thank you to Urša Bonelli Potokar, who always listens to my ideas and helps me with the technical set ups. And of course to the Famul VideoLab, which is developing in a great creative (video) laboratory, with lot’s of great (Slovenian) artists.

Going out of the birth country, out of the comfort zone is something everyone should do once in a while, so I’m looking forward for the next mobility, artist residence or just a short visit.

Thank you all for reading this blog and following my work!


Valerie (& Urša)

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