“The Rainbow Country” / Luxembourg – Day 1 & 2



We were surprised by the snow on the way to Luxembourg. The picture was taken in Austria.
Actually we arrived yesterday, but we were so tired after 11 hours of driving that we spent whole day resting and relaxing, so today is actually our first day we experienced Luxembourg and started working on our project. After a good breakfast we did some research and computer work which was still waiting us from Slovenia, then Urša cooked a great lunch so our new Luxembourgian kitchen was “officially opened”.
Great breakfast.
Morning view from apartment.
The apartment.
After a computer work and a great lunch we headed out on the streets when the sun soon hide behind the buildings and the evening arrived. We went around the shops to buy some things, I bought myself some Polaroid photo film and we both both our self warm hats to keep us warm and cozy. Mine is red and Urša’s is beige. We also looked around for some Christmas gifts, because we all know that day is coming.
Streets of Luxembourg are covered with Christmas lights.
Christmas is near.
Urša looking for some hot mulled wine. 
After our “Christmas shopping”, we met with friendly Steve, who is part of the Feierblumm production team, which are our hosting partners and we made some plans for tomorrow and discussed other important details of our collaboration. It’s going to be interesting and we are very excited to get started with our filming and producing.
Meeting with Steve, talking about all the project details and organizing the next days.
Plans written down.
Tried local beer.
After our meeting, Steve offered us to show us around and we went around with his car and see some important locations which we will use for the shooting.
Interesting building of the Museum of Modern Art, which we can’t wait to visit on Wednesday when it’s opened late in the evening.
Steve showed us the view over the Luxembourg and pointed out some important locations and sites.
Unfortunately our small camera can’t show the real beauty of the pretty night view.
Lovely street atmosphere everywhere.
Steve driving us around and showing us the locations.
After we did a tour of Luxembourg, we went back home and decided we will set up a Christmas tree. We actually brought it all the way from Slovenia, since we went with my big car and we could fit everything in it. And the small Christmas tree was a perfect “grand finale” for our luggage! We started to set it up, put on some Christmas music and hats and enjoyed some Christmas spirit at “our new apartment”. The tree is set up and we feel like home! Can’t wait for new adventures tomorrow, we will meet at the Metropol (a place where we will have exhibition) with Feierblumm team and the place owner, so hopefully everything goes according to plan and the project starts to become a reality. I will write you more about it later, for now we will enjoy our Christmas tree and tried to get a good night sleep.
Will keep you posted!
Valerie & Urša
Urša excitedly put on the funny hat.
When we were opening the tree we realized it was made by Chinese (no offense) 🙂
Urša concentrating on decoration.
All set!
Happy tree builders.
Christmas tree made a great home and festive atmosphere. 
Oops, I forgot! Why did I write the title “A Rainbow Country”? Well, we were surprised by the fact that the prime minister of Luxembourg is openly gay, also his assistant and some other influential people, which was quite a surprise for us since in Slovenia it’s still quite a taboo. Finally some rational people around us, there’s still hope for EU.
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