“The Editing Weekend” / Luxembourg – day 7 & 8


This weekend we’re very busy, so I will join both days since I don’t have enough time to write and upload photos (even not enough time to take them), but I still manage to find couple of minutes to update you with our activity.

Yesterday we were jumping around Luxembourg and doing some final purchases etc, so let the photos tell you the story again. Actually this blog is more like a comic, which I believe is great since a lot of people don’t like to read too much text. So let the photos tell the story:


Yesterday I had to purchase new headphones and memory card so we went to a local hi-fi store. We fell in love with one TV screen and you can see the size of it. Love it, the quality of the picture was amazing, but it’s almost as big as Urša (actually bigger in width) so we couldn’t carry it with us.


We also found a 3D camera, which we thought it would be a great purchase someday, but we didn’t get it for now.


I purchased memory card and great AKG headphones, which will be used for video editing etc. A must for a video artist.


Later we went to the Monopol, a place where we will have a grand opening tomorrow of the event called “The Luxembourg Monster”. I will write more info about it in the next post and attach a poster below this post. We started to set up everything and all I can say is: “It looks amazing!”


Me, standing in front of our video installation “The Luxembourg Monster”.


Look from distance.  The sound inside the Monopol is amazing, can’t wait for the live concert tomorrow when Chris Novak will do a live music performance on marimbas as part of video installation “The Luxembourg Monster”.


So we spent this Saturday with the spatial arrangement of the video installation in Monopol and then we moved back to our computers to finish editing the video. Sunday is dedicated to the finalization of the video work and other technical details.


Here is the official poster of the event so see you tomorrow in Monopol! If you are not from Luxembourg, you are welcome to read more info HERE or be with us in your thoughts.


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