“Hello Monopol” / Luxembourg – Day 3

Our day started behind the computer again. We had to do some organizational things first and find the coordinates for our shooting locations.
Creative computer work.
Afterwards we went out to meet with Steve from Feierblumm productions and he introduced us to Will Kreutz who is a director of Goodbye Monopol, which is a big space for exhibitions and events. We looked around the space and talk about the equipment, setting up, opening dates and other important things connected with installation set up. We were happy to finally see Goodbye Monopol and the space where we will exhibit, so we can now make all the arrangements.
Main entrance to Goodbye Monopol.
Interesting graffiti in front of the building.
Goodbye Monopol is very big so I couldn’t get the whole building in my camera.
The sun was shining.
Inside of the space where we will exhibit.
Lot’s of space.
Interesting bar decoration (in the same building).
Cool seats and tables.
After our meetings etc we decided to go look for some things we need for our installation and we ended up in a big shopping center, where we were window shopping and (again) enjoying some Christmas spirit. We ended up buying a salad, eggs and flavor to make some pancakes tomorrow.
Christmas decoration everywhere.
Ice cream was a perfect cherry on top of a good day.
We then returned to our apartment, and now we are making some plans for tomorrow when we start to shoot on locations.
One polaroid shot from the city of Luxembourg.
Our cozy apartment with lovely lighting. 
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