“The opening” / Zagreb, Croatia – Day 2 & finish

Zagreb, Croatia

Yesterday I successfully opened my new solo exhibition “La vue à travers la fenêtre” (read more about it here: CLICK), this time in Zagreb, Croatia. I’m feeling accomplished because everything went well and I always enjoy seeing how my work is breathing and living in a new space. It’s like a new birth to me, with a “fast forward” part of adolescence and adulthood – with a proud feeling and appreciation to my new creation. I’m happy that I can share my ideas, thoughts and “behind the scenes” moments with the public and hopefully bring some insight in the life of an artist (abroad).

The day started early, as we had breakfast, coffee and came back to the gallery to finish the setting up.


The gallery doors – closed in the morning, but soon opened to begin a new chapter.


Setting up almost finished.


My signature in the gallery on the wall, surrounded by the artist with past exhibitions. 

We finished setting up at around 3pm, so I still had some time to enjoy the city and explore the streets of Zagreb. I went around with the “birthday girl” Urša to find a place to eat the birthday cake and we soon discovered that in Zagreb they’re having so called “The day of Slovenian culture”, which was quite interesting coincidence for us, since we’re both from Slovenia. So we went to this square where they were celebrating our culture and I have to say I was (once again) disappointed. Why you ask? Oh, where to begin… I think it should NEVER be called “The day of Slovenian culture” but “The day of the sausage, harmonica (accordion) and random drunk old men”. But then again I guess that is our culture. So sad. I cannot believe that the people who are in charge for the promotion of our country always make the same program: one man on harmonica, one blond lady with big boobs singing, lots of sausages and alcohol. Is this all we have? And of course our moto: “I feel sLOVEvenia”. I can’t see any love involved in the sausage and disturbing bad vocals, not even culture. Not even tiny bit of culture! We have so many great scientists, sportspeople, artists, musicians, cooks, etc., but the people who are in charge of the promotion of the Slovenia always make the same program. I’m so much disappointed and sad about this fact, I can’t even believe this is happening in 21st century! And I’m glad that I’m not the only one, because all the people from Zagreb were running away and laughing at it. Not that they hate Slovenians, but they just hated this primitive promotion. The only people who were standing there were random drunk old men. How predictable.


Loud harmonica and bad vocals.


Even this helicopter camera got more attention then live music and “promotion of Slovenian culture”.

20140520_151416 20140520_151524 20140520_151545 20140520_151928

On the busiest street in Zagreb, people were running away and laughing about the primitive “promotion of Slovenia”.

Okay, so enough about this thing, it makes me sad. We soon forgot about it, and went far far away to enjoy more real culture. After all we had some hours to spend in the beautiful central Zagreb.

unnamed (1)

It was hot so we were happy to sit in the shade and got some refreshing drinks with lot’s of ice and relaxed before the opening. 

In the evening we went back to the gallery to check if everything is set to open the exhibition.


IMG_3139 IMG_3144 IMG_3147 IMG_3153 IMG_3158

All set and ready to roll.

IMG_3163 IMG_3167 IMG_3169 IMG_3174 IMG_3186 IMG_3189 IMG_3193  IMG_3223 IMG_3234 IMG_3235  IMG_3262 IMG_3297 IMG_3313 IMG_3321 IMG_332920140520_200403  20140520_200945 20140520_201112

Some photos from the opening (photo credit Luka Zabret).

The opening in Gallery Inkubator was successful, and the night finished late. Thank you all for coming and positive feedback! I’m now back to Slovenia, the stay in Zagreb was amazing. But now as I write this on the blog I’m quite in a hurry again since I’m packing my filming equipment to go film a special event, activist performance, in Ljubljana in front of the parliament. So my work continues back in Slovenia (for now), but I already have some traveling in my plan and projects abroad. Stay tuned!


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