“The gallery and setup” / Zagreb, Croatia – Day 1

Zagreb, Croatia

As I mentioned in my last blog, I just returned from Graz, Austria and re-packed for Zagreb, Croatia, to set up my new video installation for the solo exhibition I have tomorrow. Read more info about it HERE or HERE.



Re-packed and ready! Living from one suitcase to another.  


I’m always very happy to have a big car, because my hands are always full of different cables, cameras, DVD players, beamers, lights… Digital media and video is of course fun and everything, but you don’t know how much physical strength does it take to handle all the technical stuff, until you try to set up another video installation.



Beautiful sunny Zagreb! Gallery on the left side (yellow flag).


20140519_140346 20140519_140351 20140519_140403 20140519_140414

We took our stuff in the beautiful Hotel.



Then we started to carry all the things to the gallery, because it’s in the strict center and we had to leave the car at the edge of the pedestrian cone. 


Before the setting up I enjoyed a delicious coffee and ice cream – of course – then I was able to start with the setting up!



20140519_153557 20140519_153647 20140519_155147 20140519_160722 20140519_160743 20140519_174056

Work in the gallery. Setting up in progress!


I had to run to the nearest shopping center to get some more blank DVDs. There’s never enough!

20140519_185141 20140519_185228

Running back to the gallery.


View from inside.


20140519_211036 20140519_211132 20140519_211725

We finished for today and left the gallery. Some more things will have to be finished tomorrow when they bring two more beamers.

20140519_211748 20140519_212146 20140519_212636


Got ourselves some cold drinks to finish the night and enjoy some Zagreb’s night atmosphere. On the picture you can see Urša, my second hand and pretty lady who will have her 32nd birthday tomorrow! 


I’m tired, but excited for tomorrow. See you in Gallery Inkubator at 20:00 at the opening of the exhibition!


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