“The presentation” / Graz, Austria – Day 9 & 10 & finish!

Graz, Austria

My stay in Graz, Austria came to the end. This is a blog entry of the last two days and about our finish. We managed to finish all the projects and present them to public.




In the morning we prepared all the prototypes and started to set up the hall for public opening. Forecast was cloudy with 11°C.



Prototypes were all set and ready to be presented.



Posters didn’t tell just the forecast, but also some hints about the project.



In the “backstage” we were getting ready for our presentation. Some dealt with laughter, some with stress…



Our “interactive” cloud prototype all set for the presentation!


20140515_191724 20140515_191742 20140515_191843 20140515_192621 20140515_194105 20140515_194415 20140515_195253

Public interacting with our prototypes and listening the presentations.



The presentations were successful and at the end of the day we made an “oscar selfie” to mark our “finish line”!


Everyone was happy that we managed to finish a new art project so we went celebrate at the central club where we relaxed and put our stress on the dance floor. The night finished early in the morning, with our exhausted minds and bodies. 


The next day we woke up early. I’m still not sure how I managed to do it, but the day before we’ve decided that we will do more processing, just to learn some more tricks and hacks of “new media” machines. So after a long night we started early and did a processing session.



Processing “in action”.

20140516_133828 20140516_134617

After the processing we had a “last supper” together and we slowly said goodbye. It was quite a hard goodbye because it was really a great time and our energies were a perfect match! 



The last goodbye from Graz.


When I arrived back home, to Slovenia, I went for a walk to “process” everything in my head. I was amazed by the beautiful sky, which was telling me a beautiful story. I took some photos for you to enjoy as well and I’m kind of surprised that they are quite good – even though I took them with my mobile phone and didn’t edit them at all. All photos on this blog are taken with my mobile phone and are completely raw.



I live far away from the traffic and sound pollution so it was great to enjoy the sound of wind and crickets. And as the sun went down I was saying goodbye to Graz (and all the wonderful people I met on my journey) in my mind.




My cat was super happy to have me back home and he was refusing to wake up and let me out of the bed.


The next day I woke up very tired, but there was no time to sleep. I started to re-pack an tomorrow I’m leaving for Croatia, Zagreb, to set up my new solo exhibition which will be opened on Tuesday in Gallery Inkubator. Of course I will also keep you posted about my (short) stay in Zagreb, so stay tuned!

The Austrian saga finished, and the Croatian is just beginning.




Invitation to the opening of my new exhibition in Zagreb. More info: valeriewolfgang.com


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