An Artist Abroad – the beginning!

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It all started on 6th May 2014, where I decided to do something about my memory. Through my career as a video artist I traveled through a decent amount of countries and of course I took lot’s of photos and did many videos. But besides my family and (Facebook) friends I didn’t put it anywhere I could look at it later through the years passing by. Everything just lies on some discs somewhere and I never take some time to browse through them and make a selection of photographs and do an album or a book to storage precious memories and moments. I guess digital age just makes us do hundreds of photographs and then save it in a folder somewhere and forget about them. I want to remember and have just a small selection somewhere online, where they can become my online precious digital album of memories. So I dedicate this webpage to my memory and hopefully you can also see the life of an artist who is often traveling and working abroad.



worldblank_bwOn the image above you can see the countries I already visited (colored in green) and if you can find a small country colored in red you will see where I come from.

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Multimedia artist from Slovenia.

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